Grant Thornton
Instilling a sense of purpose for partners through a virtual gathering
8,000 auditory, tax, and advisory professionals from around the planet, all of whom serve clients whose businesses too have been disrupted by a global pandemic.

eGT is the name of Grant Thornton’s annual all-hands meeting. The “e” stands for “experience.” However, it’s a challenge to truly experience the culture and success of Grant Thornton while confined to our homes, unable to engage in the handshakes and camaraderie upon which the business had been built.

It’s equally difficult to create a moment defined by clarity and celebration in such an ambiguous and unsettling time. How can we create an experience that met the moment when the moment is one we’ve never experienced before?


The site and show was delivered without a hitch. Leadership was thrilled. Attendees are pleasantly surprised and engaged. And a global professional services firm found a new optimism for what’s ahead.

In the process, 8,000 attendees and speakers realized that, as long as they stay true to their culture and philosophy for success, anything is possible — no matter the situation.


First, we created a custom-built event hub that could serve as a destination for all of Grant Thornton’s people to visit, delivering not only key messages but a vibrant, optimistic look and feel.

  • A survey embedded in the site’s registration helped people feel like their input was helping shape FY21.
  • A bright, vibrant design leveraged their sophisticated brand in new and exciting ways.
  • Pages of the site provided a supplemental experience outside the broadcast element.
  • The site’s on-demand video content served to tee up the event prior and capture its highlights after.

Then, we created a broadcast and virtual meeting experience that provided focus despite today’s challenges while recognizing the resilience and creativity of the professionals in attendance.

  • Videos were incorporated to reflect the Grant Thornton story, highlight the firm’s accomplishments, and create a feeling of celebration.
  • Speakers kept their segments succinct and speedy, staying one step ahead of the audience throughout.
  • Heavy interaction was imbued into a breakout session experience in the afternoon to provide moments of connection.