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Pivoting to a two-day virtual event for Sales and Leadership teams
Nearly 200 members of its leadership team, and nearly 300 members of its sales team.

Producing an online event poses obstacle that may not arise in physical, in-person experiences. First, it was essential that the leadership and sales teams felt motivated not only to attend the virtual experience but remain online for its entirety. The presentations and speakers had to be meaningful and engaging enough for them to devote two straight hours of their day to their computer screens. An integral element was the flow and cadence of the event, designed to keep people informed, energized, and motivated to see more. 

Another consideration was ensuring the technical logistics of the online experience. While there are as many, if not more, moving parts in a physical event as opposed to a virtual one, the technical aspects can be less predictable when attendees are tuning in from around the country, especially since most of the event’s content would be occurring in real time. We needed to work together to ensure that freezing screens or low-quality audio did not occur as a distraction to its communities


The results from the post-event survey were exceedingly positive, including:

  • Approximately 90% or more of the content for each session presented at the Virtual Leadership Summit was considered HELPFUL.
  • 100% of respondents AGREE (with 80% stating that they STRONGLY AGREE) that the CEO's Opening Remarks were effective in understanding why we must grow to succeed.
  • Over 90% of respondents were SATISFIED with the new virtual format, and nearly 100% were satisfied that the meeting was well worth their time.

Overall, the program ran perfectly, retaining hundreds of attendees who stayed engaged and connected throughout.


Knowing that this meeting was the first time that many would be hearing directly from their new CEO, and that it also represented the unveiling of a new purpose statement for the company, the theme became a central part in teasing out what was to be shared as well as needing to be something that lived beyond this meeting. We worked to not only create a central theme for the meeting, but one that was customizable for each of the different audiences (leadership on day 1 and sales on day 2): advance our purpose.

From there, we tailored everything around this theme, crafting event components that would seamlessly deliver their message. We worked on the agenda flow for both days, developed unique visuals and branding for the experience, designed skins for their virtual platform of choice, and created templates for email communications and presentations.

From a content perspective, our creative, animation, and editing teams developed multiple opening and interstitial videos that wove together engaging segments across nearly two-dozen presenters, panelists, and external speakers. Additionally, we led all speaker technical checks, rehearsals, and orchestrated the live broadcast each day. The end result was an informative, engaging, and flawlessly executed two-day experience.