Points of Light
Sustaining engagement with a community of volunteers in a pivot from a live to virtual event
More than 8,000 of the world’s nonprofit, government, business and civic leaders registered for the 3-day event.

When Points of Light and August Jackson realized that hosting an in-person, physical Conference in Washington, D.C. was potentially no longer in the cards, contingency planning had to begin right away. AJ worked with Points of Light through the Spring on developing a variety of options and plans that took into consideration not only budget and timeline, but existing resources (including the platform the Conference was ultimately hosted on), and the needs of the audience.

Knowing that COVID-19 was top of mind for all registrants, there was a desire to ensure that content was timely in nature and spoke to the challenges nonprofit leaders are facing as they work through and beyond the pandemic. Ultimately the decision was made to move the conference to a purely virtual experience that leveraged the development and launch of a new Points of Light platform for nonprofit leaders – ripe with content, stories, resources and more.


Overall, Points of Light’s first ever virtual conference was a success. Day 1 was full of inspiring, engaging, motivational, community building content that also held edge and relevancy.

The online conference experience garnered more than 8,000 registrants; engagement and participation from

“A tremendous THANK YOU! Everything looked amazing. There was tremendous engagement on the event app and on Twitter. On the app, people shared photos from home where they watched, including selfies in front of their laptops and photos of their pets enjoying the experience too! We received so much positive feedback on all of the content.”

Diane Quest

Chief External Affairs Officer


Once the decision was made to move the conference to a virtual experience, the next big decision was whether content would be live or pre-recorded. To ensure a consistent audience experience with limited risk, all content was ultimately pre-recorded, edited and uploaded into a timed, live-streamed program.

In order to tackle the nearly four hours of pre-recorded content for day 1 of the conference, AJ developed multiple touch points to assure a seamless experience for all speakers. This process included:

  • Developed scripting and providing graphics direction
  • Extensive speaker prep and rehearsals
  • Orchestrating the recording for each segment (with each video including at least 2 if not many segments each)
  • Editing of all content including insertion of appropriate graphics, lower-thirds and transitions

The August Jackson team collaborated with an array of Points of Light’s team members to bring this content to life, including the events, communications and marketing, and development teams.