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The storytelling component
Each and every virtual or digital activation is built around a story. And so we begin each project discovering, designing, and delivering the most effective ways to bring that story to life — crafting a meaningful and memorable user experience. The Digital Collective member primarily responsible for Creative and Strategic Development is August Jackson.
For organizations that need highly engaged people to realize their mission, August Jackson is the brand engagement agency that puts purpose into practice. We align and activate communities around a shared sense of purpose to drive organizational success. While other agencies focus on isolated channels or tactics to build affiliation, we create cross-channel interactions through virtual and live events, campaigns and experiences over time and place to create sustained engagement.
Grant Thornton’s annual eGT
Grant Thornton’s annual eGT (experience Grant Thornton) was typically a combination of live broadcasts and regional office celebrations for the professional service firm's 8,000 employees across the globe. With 2020, they knew they had to pivot to an all-virtual celebration. But how do you instill a sense of togetherness in a virtual-only gathering? It begins by shifting 'me' to 'we'. The theme of the event, weGT, not only instilled a sense of togetherness in a time where offices couldn’t be together, but it also reinforced their new vision of a one-firm approach. August Jackson worked with members of the Collective to develop a custom event microsite which served as a content destination pre, during, and post-event. This unique venue was steeped in Grant Thornton’s brand, housed their global broadcast, created moments of engagement with Q&A, social media, polling, and directed attendees to smaller targeted breakout sessions centered around the firms most important initiatives for the upcoming fiscal year.
August Jackson
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