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Our tech experts manage all aspects of technology integration, able to leverage everything from back-end platforms to front-end UX ... and everything in between.
Danny Huebsch is a seasoned Technical Director and Producer ... expert in producing memorable, branded, live special events, including over 400 events in North America and over 200 events in more than 120 countries worldwide. He leverages outstanding communication skills to identify client needs, design complex, detailed productions, and effectively manage personnel and vendors. He is known for consistently delivering excellent projects within budget for sporting events, US Presidents, politicians, international foundations, and Fortune 500 companies including The Wall Street Journal and GE.
The Wall Street Journal
At the onset of the pandemic, Danny Huebsch quickly realized he needed to retool his skillset to better prepare his longtime clients for this new virtual world. After partnering with the Wall Street Journal for nearly 15 years, Danny was tasked with helping their teams pivot their years of in-person events to virtual experiences - all within a few short days. While the virtual world comes with its own set of challenges, Danny has been able to navigate and lead through transparent conversations, workflow refinement and helping clients understand that if something goes awry, there’s always a backup plan. In the past four months, Danny has helped execute over 15 virtual events with audiences ranging from 5,000 - 15,000 attendees from both a private and public audience in partnership with the Wall Street Journal.
Danny Huebsch
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Danny Huebsch