The broadcast component
The creativity and quality behind any broadcast element of a virtual or digital activation helps to shape the audience experience. So it's our goal to make this element as focused and flawless as possible. We work together to make sure the livestreamed content is engaging and the platform through which it is delivered is secure. The Digital Collective member primarily responsible for Livestreaming is Quince Imaging.
Quince Imaging is an innovative experiential display and design firm headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Integrating a unique combination of creativity, technical process management, and unmatched expertise in specialty imaging development, Quince Imaging has a reputation for providing technologically innovative, awe-inspiring immersive solutions for live and virtual audiences worldwide. Quince Imaging’s loyal client base spans a diverse spectrum of markets, including professional and collegiate sports, esports teams and venues, corporate, labor unions and associations, and global outreach organizations. Quince Imaging specializes in live event imaging production, creative development, including 3D and holographic visual effects, and permanent imaging system design and installation.
NFL Draft
Just three weeks prior to the annual ceremonial NFL Draft event, Commissioner Roger Goodell informed all 32 NFL football teams that the 2020 NFL Draft would proceed on time, with one significant modification- the annual live event, originally scheduled to be held live in Las Vegas, would now be conducted in an entirely virtual format. With the commitment of over 50 crew members, countless man hours, remote work environments, and adherence to CDC guidelines, Quince brought a safe and innovative solution to fan experience to the historical virtual 2020 NFL Draft.
Quince Imaging
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Quince Imaging