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Our tech experts manage all aspects of technology integration, able to leverage everything from back-end platforms to front-end UX ... and everything in between.
Technical Director Michael LaChance has been responsible for hundreds of successful corporate events, theatrical performances and retail grand openings. With over 35 years in the business, his production expertise has been developed in a variety of Production Management and Technical Direction settings from Broadway to ballrooms. He provides management and leadership in a dynamic, hands-on professional style with an eye for detail and a goal of perfection.
Michael LaChance was instrumental in executing an annual January launch event for direct selling wellness product company, Melaleuca. The goal of the meeting is to launch products, celebrate success, and foster group interaction with local content and regional watch events. While the meeting has a live component for approximately 400 attendees, Michael’s expertise allowed them to expand their reach by producing a webcast to over 7,000 total live viewers, in 72 viewing locations throughout North America (Canada, US, Mexico).
Michael LaChance
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Michael LaChance